COVID-19 Virus Update

Please find enclosed within clarification of where we are we are as an Association regarding the current National situation.

These are trying times and we are in largely in ‘Uncharted Territory’.

We are still waiting for the Shires League and BE to finalise their ongoing resumption plans. No firm decisions should be taken until these are confirmed.

How this all works in practice will be clearer within the next few weeks and months.

At this stage we should be looking to have in place a flexible plans where possible with practical options agreed in readiness for a return to normal times!!

LSBA Championships 2019-2020 – Current Proposals 
  • LSBA Championships are not only open to members the LSBA/PC. All Leicestershire school children could enter if this wish. Although it now seems unlikely schools will return until September 2020?
  • When we are able to resume, the criteria to enter should be as though they would have taken place as the dates set out in 2020.
  • It could therefore mean we may need two LSBA Championships for each age group held in 2021.
    • If this is the case then each of the two age LSBA Championships would have a different entry date age criteria?
    • This would mean no one will have missed out in taking part in the Championship for their age.

The above is still under review so we will keep you all informed.

Shires Championships 2019-2020 ( issued 25-03-20 by Ian Rizzotto)

Under the current situation, of which we have no idea how long it will go on for, I believe our minds are concentrating on other things. I am going to suggest that we delay voting on the four Age Group options 2020-21, for the time being. Hopefully when things improve, by telephone, email and video links, I hope you will be able to discuss your views with colleagues in your county, so that when the time comes to make a vote, you can act with greater speed.

Please note:

  • All four finals are postponed and we can rebook later in the year. If we don’t book later in the year, we may face cancellation fees of up to £2000. However, both venues have agreed that no fee will be charged for re-arrangement. At this moment in time, I have not discussed the cancellation fee in the event that the government closes down such venues for the remainder of the year. I will cross that bridge later!
  • I have cancelled the AGM. I will not book a new date until the ok for meetings is allowed.
  • Hopefully, we may be able to run the finals in August/September. I think it might be helpful if we can hold at least some of the finals on a weekday, just for this year. This will help on the availability of halls. What do you think?
  • I have been in touch with Mark Downie from Badminton England. He will contact me when he can to propose dates for this year’s finals subject to availability of the venues.
  • I think there is a strong possibility that we will not be able to start next season in September even if we wanted to, due to Coronavirus and the planning needed to achieve that objective.
  • Shires AGM on line – Provisional date Saturday 16th May 2020.
LSBA Annual General Meeting
  • Decision under  discussion.
  • Postponed
Presentations Night
  • Decision under  discussion – However :-
  • Taking into account there will be very little opportunity to have the event within the current  season or at the beginning of next season. It is most likely then this seasons Presentation night will, regrettably be cancelled.
  • Separate email to be sent to all Managers/Coaches requesting nominations for Annual awards and County Colours that can still awarded.
Performance Centre
  • All PC players have had their  payments cancelled from April onwards.
  • There will be no training for the remainder of this year through to the school break in the summer.
  • All players have been posted with online training  / challenges to do at home.
Badminton England

We have now published a page on the website where we will update the individual status of each tournament:

Any questions, clarification please feel free to contact me.


Dave Armstrong

Chairman Leicestershire Schools Badminton Association.

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Secretary -Leicestershire Schools Badminton Association.

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