Cerryg Davies U13 Mixed Tournament

Off to York again for the U13’s for the Cerryg Davies memorial trophy where teams compete in mixed pairs. After a good year as team manager for the U13s it was to be Jon Allen’s last job before standing down.

The Team Leics pairs were Luke Hoult and Tamsin Betts, Jess Allen and Tom Paterson-Watts, Sophie Watson and Danny Beynon and Tilly Dale and Owen King.

Cerryg davies
U13 Cerryg Davies mixed players: Danny, Tom, Owen, Luke, Jess, Tilly, Tamsin and Sophie

With 9 counties and 4 pairs per county, teams were split in to groups and after some good games, 3 of our pairs went through into top half for the next stage of play. While Sophie and Danny came 3rd in their group, Luke and Tamsin and Tom and Jess met each other in the deciding game of their group; after a hard fought contest Luke and Tamsin won 21-20. Meanwhile in group B, Tilly and Owen won all their matches.

Players then split again into groups of 3 to decide the final positions. Luke and Tamsin had the top 2 Warwickshire mixed pairs in their group and after a hard fought game with the Warwks #1 pair, they just lost out, coming 3rd overall – a  great achievement!

Next up were Jess and Tom who won one and lost one so finishing 5th overall and Sophie and Danny the same, coming in 8th place. Then, after a hard fought last game Tilly and Owen came second in the B group. A great day for all players was rounded off by winning team silver overall, especially for the U12’s in the team, Luke, Tilly and Sophie, who now had a silver medal to go with the gold and bronze won at the other York team events earlier in the year.

A special award was then given for most sporting girl and boy over the whole day, voted for by all the counties managers. After a few nominations for Leics, Sophie Watson was awarded the title of Most Sporting Girl! Well done to all the players!

cerryg davies2
Most Sporting Girl, Sophie Watson


Cooper Cup & Ray Liggins

The first weekend in June saw Leicestershire’s top U13 girls and U12 boys compete respectively in the annual Cooper Cup and Ray Liggins tournaments.

Cooper Cup

Having won through the earlier rounds, the final was contested by doubles partners Tamsin Betts and Jess Allen with Jess winning through to win the cup this year. The winner in the plate event was Tilly Dale.

Cooper Cup
Cooper Cup winner Jess with runner-up Tamsin

Ray Liggins

Open to all U12 boys in the county, the final of this boys singles event saw Luke Hoult and Ayush Panchal compete for the trophy, with Luke coming out on top as this year’s winner. The plate event was won by Mitesh Chauhan.

Ray Liggins
Ray Liggins winner Luke with runner-up Ayush

U13 County Championships

Another weekend dominated by badminton for the 13yrs players and their families, as the 2015/16 Championships took place on Friday April 29th and Sunday May 1st


Girls Singles

Winner          Eve Durrance

Runner up     Sophie Watson

Boys Singles

Winner         Rowan Clark

Runner up    Luke Hoult

Singles Plate

Girls Singles Winner   Tilly Dale

Boys Singles Winner   Fin O’Brien

Runner up                James O’Brien


Girls Doubles

Winners         Jess Allen & Tamsin Betts

Runners up    Sophie Watson & Eve Durrance

Boys Doubles

Winners         Luke Hoult & Rowan Clark

Runners up    Owen King & Tom Paterson-Watts.

uner 13 all players
Owen & Tom, Jess & Tamsin, Sophie & Eve, Rowan & Luke

Mixed Doubles

Winners        Luke Hoult & Tamsin Betts

Runners up   Rowan Clark & Jess Allen

U13 mixed 2016 luke and tamsin
Luke & Tamsin



Leicestershire U13’s perform at the Nationals

Saturday 2nd April saw the top 36 boys and girls in the country travel to Milton Keynes for the U13 National Championships. Leicestershire was represented by 6 players –  U13’s Rowan Clark, Jess Allen and Tamsin Betts and U12’s Luke Hoult, Eve Durrance and Sophie Watson .

Starting off with the mixed doubles, Rowan and Jess teamed up and after a easy first win just lost out in the next round to 3/4 seeds. Sophie and partner George lost to a tough pair in the first round.

On to singles next, Rowan had a tough draw, just losing out in 3 closely fought games, then facing seed William Atkin which was hard game but he kept fighting. Luke beat young Fred from Yorkshire in his first game but then lost his second so that was it for the boys. The four girls were up next. Jess had a cracking first game just losing 22-20 16-21 25-23 then losing her second. Eve and Tamsin both had tough singles and couldn’t wrestle a win. Sophie managed a good 21-18 21-18 win but lost the second to the eventual GS winner, Lisa Curtin.

With just the girls competing in the doubles, Eve and Sophie won one and lost to the eventual GD winners, Butler and Curtin. Jess and Tamsin did really well to win the two group games then came up against number 3/4 seeds in quarter finals – we thought they were going to do it but tiredness just lost it in the end. A great result nonetheless just losing out  23-25 21-13 13-21.


A good day at the nationals and great to see Leicestershire fielding 6 players. Keep it up!!!

Tournament report by Ian Watson

Another Silver for Sophie!

West Midlands U13 Bronze: 12th March 2016

The final U13 bronze event of the season saw Sophie renew a successful partnership with Hermani from Lincolnshire after winning gold in their last outing playing together in the doubles.

After a safe passage through to the final they just missed out on a second gold, losing a tight game 19 – 21 so it was a silver this time but a good way to end what has been a fantastic U13 season. Sophie’s final tally for the year stands at 2 Gold, 2 Silver and 6 Bronze medals – and still only 11 years old!


Nottingham under 13yrs Bronze

It was a fantastic showing of commitment from the Leicestershire players as 11 players entered the Bronze tournament in Nottinghamshire this weekend.

Its worth remembering that 9 of these players are under 12yrs old so will be eligible for this event again next season, although I guess their sights will be set higher and will be entering the Gold tournaments !

The results .

  • Sophie Watson – Bronze medals in the girls Singles and Girls doubles.
  • Eve Durance – Bronze medal in the girls doubles.
  • Emma Thornley – Silver Medal in the Girls doubles.
  • Tilly Dale – Bronze medal in the Mixed doubles.
  • Evie Pike – Bronze medal in the singles plate event.
  • Grace Sherwin – Bronze medal in the Singles plate event.
  • Luke Hoult – Gold Medals in the singles and Boys doubles.
  • Danny Beynon – Bronze Medals in the Mixed doubles and Boys doubles.
  • Tom Paterson Watts – Bronze Medal in the boys doubles.

Congratulations to all the players.

U13’s Match Report Leics V Yorkshire 1

U13 Shires League Inter-County Match Report

Leicestershire vs Yorkshire 1

15th March 2015

We knew this wasn’t going to be an easy match as Yorkshire have so many players to choose from but our kids had fighting spirit and wouldn’t let that put them off.

Mixed doubles

Mixed doubles first, Leicester came out with fighting spirit. Our 4 pairs went on knowing that this was going to be hard we played all of our first games unfortunately losing the 1st 3rd and 4th pairs to York but Ollie and Jess Rodgers had to be the highlight as both York and Leicester had won 1 game each it all came down to the 3rd game they were doing so well as it was 19-19 and then it got into the 20s 22-22, 23-23 as it got to 24-23 our players just lost out and it was unfortunate win to York 25-23.

Boys singles

Our players had to shake the mixed off them, and come on to the boys singles, first was Harry and Rowen against the Yorkshire top Seeds they did everything they could to win, unfortunately Harry came off losing the first and second games 21-11 21-12 to York. Rowen kept on fighting but it just wasn’t enough as this boy was very strong. Next up Ollie and Joe, Ollie went on having a quite tough boy he did all he could as he always has a fighting spirit in him to try and win every point he can. Unfortunately Ollie came off having lost 21-13 and 21-17 to York. Joe also had a tough game playing against a strong boy he unfortunately lost too 21-15 and 21-14.

Girls Singles

Can the girls do any better Tamsin and Izzy went on first as Jess R and Jess A had just come off from a hard mixed, hopefully we can get a win. Tamsin had a great game and fought her best and finally we have a win, with the score of 21-12 and 21-19, well done tamsin! Izzy in her first County game came out fighting hard but lost 15-21 and 6-21. Jess and Jess fort hard against there 1st and 2nd seeded players but unfortunately lost.

Boys Doubles

Harry and Ollie played both pairs trying to get revenge from the singles unfortunately these boys were a good pair and Harry and Ollie despite trying their hardest and not giving up, lost in a close game.

Rowen and Joe also played both pairs also trying to get revenge but these boys were also a good pair as they lost 21-10 and 21-15 to the first pair and 21-13 and 21-8 to the second pair.

Girls doubles

Jess and Jess went on trying to beat them this time round these girls were just too powerful and had lots of energy to keep going as so did ours but our girls unfortunately lost 21-14 and 21-16 to York that was the first pair. Second pair close games as it was another win to York losing 21-11 and 22-20 to York. Hope fully Tamsin and Sophie can win these 2 matches yes another win to Leicester as Tamsin and Sophie won against the second pair 21-19 and 21-13 to Leicester they also played against the strong pair and did so well to get 19 points off them 21-19 to York and 21-12 to York.

At the end of the day Leicester lost 18-2 but our kids did so well to get 2 games of them as they were so strong a very good fight and the team should be very proud.

U13’s Match Report Leics V Warks 2


Sunday 1st March Leic v Warwicks 2 at home

Players: Jess Rodgers, Jess Allen, Sophie Irvine, Tamsin Betts

Harry Claire, Ollie Brown, Rowan Clark, Joe Goodenough

First up was mixed doubles; Harry and Jess A won their first game 21/18 and their second 21/12. Ollie and Jess won their first game 21/14, the next one was lost 22/24 but they came back in the third game to win 21/12. Rowan and Sophie won 21/11 and 21/15, as did Tamsin and Joe 21/7 and 21/9.

Next up was the boy’s singles. Harry won his games 21/12 and 21/15, Ollie also won his games 21/17 and 21/17. Rowan and Joe both had to play 3 games but made comebacks in the third. Rowan’s result was 21/19, 17/21 and 21/19 and Joe’s – 21/5, then losing 16/21 and making a comeback of 21/2.

Up next was the girl’s singles. Jess Rodgers lost 9/21, 5/21, Sophie also lost 13/21 and 19/21. Jess Allen won 21/10, 21/7 and Tamsin won hers 21/14, 21/11.

Boy’s doubles were next and Harry and Ollie were first, they won 21/18, 21/11. Rowan and Joe lost their game 13/21, 9/21. Harry and Ollie won their second match 21/15, 21/15 as well as Rowan and Jo winning theirs 21/10 and 21/11.

Finally it was the girl’s doubles, Sophie and Tamsin won the first match 21/13 and 21/9 but lost the second despite making a comeback in the second game – 15/21, 21/19, 11/21.

Jess R and Jess A lost their first doubles 14/21, 21/15 and 15/21 and won their last match 21/14 and 21/6.

Overall Leicestershire were the winners beating Warwickshire 15/5.