U17’s Dominate North Midway League

Sunday 3rd December saw the U17’s travel to the Concord Leisure Centre in Sheffield to tackle the first leg of the annual North Midway League – one of the players’ favourite fixtures of the season!

With several counties unfortunately missing due to Shires League clashes, the day was not as keenly contested as usual but hopes were high that Team Leicestershire could make a strong start to their campaign to win the League for the second consecutive year.

The Team

Sameer Chenia, Harry Clare, Rowan Clark, Joe Goodenough, Tom Paterson- Watts

Tamsin Betts, Tilly Dale, Izzy Pike, Jess Rodgers, Grace Sherwin

With easy wins in every rubber, the team are in an excellent position to repeat this feat, finishing in first overall position having lost only 5 games all day and posting a total of 1026 points, well ahead of second place Yorkshire 1 with 928:-

Leicestershire 10 – 0  Lancashire

Leicestershire  8 – 2   Yorkshire 1

Leicestershire 10 – 0  Cheshire

Leicestershire   8 – 2  Staffordshire

Leicestershire   9 – 1  Yorkshire 2

The second leg will be played in March 2018 to determine the overall league winners.

U17 North Midway
U17 North Midway Team: Harry, Joe, Tom, Sameer, Rowan, Tilly, Tamsin, Jess, Izzy, Grace