U12 Team take on the Primary Midway

Sunday 5th November saw Leicestershire Littlies go to Sheffield for the first leg of the Primary Midway with 90% of the team making their debut for the county team.

 First up was Cheshire who Leicestershire confidently brushed aside 9-1 with high scoring wins from George “ninja” Clare and Lola Dale in XD and Lexie Edwards in singles. Next up was Warwickshire 2 and they were given similar treatment and the result was 8-2 in Leicestershire’s favour. The toughest match was next against Warwickshire 1 and Only Matilda and Katie managed a win in doubles against a very good side, therefore they suffered a 9-1 defeat. Another tough fixture was next against Yorkshire 1 but the littlies battled hard to get it to 5-4 with Lola and Bridget in doubles left. They battled but just lost to the Yorkshire pair losing the match 6-4 to Yorkshire 1. Undeterred they found themselves in the reverse position against a strong Nottinghamshire side and were 5-4 up with Matilda and Katie left to play. Matilda had tripped and aggravated her ankle after having a disagreement with a net post in the previous match. Bruised and battered Matilda went on court with Katie needing the win. Katie chased everything down and Tilda finished off lovely,with the Notts girl even accidentally hitting Tilda on the cheek with the shuttle just to add to the drama , but the Leicestershire pair came good to secure the 6-4 win. Yorkshire 2 were last and they were swiftly dispatched with notable performances by Bridget, Jonty, Lexie, Lola,Quinn, Alex and Adam who secured the final win 8-2.

With 4 wins and 2 loses a great team performance and a minimum 3rd place finish behind Warwickshire 1 (winners)and Notts (2nd)was a great result.

Yorkshire did play one of their players out of order so a stewards enquiry might mean a promotion to 2nd as we were only 3rd on points difference setting up a medal chance in the next leg.

 The kids and parents were fantastic all day with great Team Leicestershire mentality shown all day. The concord leisure centre management remarked about how well behaved all the children were from all counties and asked for their thanks to be passed on. A great day all round.

 The team was

 Quinn Dunkley (debut)

Alex Vermaak (debut)

George Clare (debut)

Adam Yates (debut)

Jonty Norman (debut)

 Matilda Sherwin

Katie Hoult (debut)

Lola Dale (debut)

Lexie Edwards (debut)

Bridget Murray (debut)

Report by Chris and Alex U12 Team Managers

Primary Midway team
Primary Midway team