Team Leics Strikes Gold, Silver & Bronze!

There was nothing unlucky about the number 13 on the weekend of 14th/15th October since this represents the number of medals returned into the county by Team Leics players over a weekend stuffed full of badminton!

Many juniors were once again playing all over the country, travelling home to start the new week with an array of medals in various age groups and across each of the 5 disciplines. Along with those medals, there were also too many close calls and excellent performances to mention.

Liverpool U15 Bronze 14/10/2017

Tilly Dale won a Silver medal in WS

Liverpool U15 Silver  14/10/2017 

Tilly Dale won a Gold medal in WD with Millie Hyde. Grace Sherwin won a Silver medal in WD with Jasmine Owen and a Bronze medal in XD with Joe Howells

Warwickshire U17 Silver 14/10/2017

Jess Allen & Tamsin Betts won a Gold medal in WD. Sameer Chenia won a Silver medal in MS and a Bronze medal in XD with Kaitlin Fletcher. Jess Rodgers won a Bronze medal in WS

Nottingham U19 Bronze 14/10/2017

Tom Cowperthwaite & Nikhil Chotai won a Silver Medal in MD and Tom also won a Bronze medal in MS

Liverpool U17 Silver 15/10/2017

Isobel Pike won a Gold medal in XD with Finlay Meek

Bucks Senior Bronze 14/10/2017

Eve Dale & Chris Hall won a Gold Medal in XD


Many congratulations to all the players!