Eve & Christopher “Robert” Hall take Gold in Bucks!

Cor, what a late one (for Liz with Eve Dale that is!). Whilst I thought I’d drawn the short straw with a trip to Liverpool watching Tilly win a gold and a silver, it became apparent that the Bucks Senior Bronze was running a bit behind. At 10.30pm Eve and Christopher “Robert” Hall were still waiting to play their quarter final in the mixed event after tremendously getting out of their box!

The event started with a very dramatic 2-1 win against the #2 seeds with a very impressive ranking, the decider being 24-22 to Eve and Chris. The quarter final was won in 2 with the long awaited semi final being won in 3. The final took place at just before 1am and fortunately, perhaps Eve and Chris were more accustomed to late nights and won the final 21-15 21-18.

Following the customary celebratory McFlurry, Eve and Liz arrived home at 2.30am!

Report by Mitch Dale

Eve & Chris
Eve & Chris