U13 North Midway League

1st October 2017 and the Midway League got off to a really positive start for the U13 team in Sheffield. The travelling team included many faces from last season’s silver medallists with the addition of Gabriel Davey making his debut.

The team opened with a fantastic performance against Warwickshire, taking the win and setting the standard for the rest of the day. Good performances form all secured a solid win against Cheshire. Next up, Yorkshire, featuring some of last season’s Shires League winners who proved just a touch too strong across all categories seeing many players narrowly miss out on hard fought games.

The event completed with a secure win against a good Yorkshire second team leaving us in 2nd position at the end of the first leg. A great start for Leicestershire!

IMG_20171001_135727263 (002)
The team: Gabriel Davey, Carly Stevenson, Fallon Reid, Mitchell Allen, Archie Norman, William Sewell, Sylvie Walker, Matilda Sherwin

Report by Adam Sewell