U16’s Shires vs Notts

After a close recent encounter between these 2 local rivals in the U18 Shires league ended with an 11-9 victory to Team Leics, it was the turn of our U16’s to take on the derby against Notts. Having lost earlier in the season to Yorks 1 a good win today was vital to keep the team’s hopes of qualifying for the play offs alive….

With Nat taking the reins as stand in manager for the day, the team assembled at Babington:

Sameer Chenia, Harry Clare, Rowan Clark, Joe Goodenough

Jess Allen, Tamsin Betts, Izzy Pike, Jess Rodgers

With mixed doubles usually being a strength for this team, a good start was made with Harry & Izzy, Rowan & Jess and Joe & Tamsin all winning their encounters to taken an early 3-1 lead.

The singles was a more unpredictable affair; against a very strong Notts boys singles side, only Joe was able to win his game; however, the roles were reversed in the girls singles with Jess A, Tamsin and Jess all winning comfortably. The scores going into the level doubles now stood at 7-5 with everything still to play for.

Thankfully, the team’s doubles strength stood them in good stead with both boys pairs winning all 4 matches with some fantastic badminton against some very strong opposition. The girls matched this achievement, also winning all 4 to end the day with a comfortable overall win.

Final score: Leicestershire 15  :  Nottinghamshire 5

U16 Shires: Izzy, Jess, Tamsin, Jess, Harry, Rowan, Joe & Sameer







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