Gold Medal Rush at Derbyshire U17!

Only a few short weeks since their success at another U17 tournament in Warwickshire, U16 players Harry Clare, Sameer Chenia, Izzy Pike and Jess Rodgers teamed up again at Etwall Leisure Centre. They were joined by Joe Goodenough, Marcus Kilby, Tamsin Betts and Danny Beynon and while the venue may have changed, their winning streak still looked very much the same!

With singles to play first, Harry and Marcus brought home a pair of bronze medals; then the players stepped out for the first doubles matches…..

First to strike gold were Izzy and Jess in the girls doubles winning all their matches, closely followed by Harry and Sameer who repeated this 100% success rate in the boys doubles. Fresh from winning the mixed event at Warwickshire, Harry and Izzy were keen to repeat their previous success, winning through to the final without dropping a game. In a one-sided final which Harry dominated from the back of the court from start to finish, the end result was never in doubt with a thumping 21-10 final scoreline.

Team Leicestershire once more cleaning up in all the doubles events!

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