U16’s win convincingly v Worcestershire

Sunday 9th October and the U16 team made the journey to Tudor Grange Academy in Worcester to open their Shires campaign for this year along with Team Manager Alaina and her assistant one Mr A. Clark and the usual parents and assorted supporters!

The Team

Sameer Chenia, Harry Clare, Rowan Clark, Joe Goodenough

Jess Allen, Izzy Pike, Jess Rodgers, Sophie Watson

With the mixed first up it soon became clear the team had brought their ‘A’ game, winning 3 of the 4 rubbers easily, Harry and Izzy to 7 and 8, Rowan and Jess A to 12 and 9 and Joe and Sophie to 8 and 3! Sameer and Jess R had a fight against the top ranked Worcs pair, eventually going down in the deciding 3rd game.

This was to be the first and only loss of the day. All 8 singles rubbers were won by the Leicestershire players in straight games, Izzy powering through 21-9 21-10, Sophie 21-13 21-9 and Jess R 21-10 21-10. Jess Allen battled hard against the top ranked Worcs girl winning through in 2 games 21-18 21-17. Sameer also had a tough opening game against the top Worcs boy winning through 21-19 21-14 with the other Team Leics boys recording easy wins; Rowan 21-8 21-11, Harry 21-9 21-4 and Joe 21-5 21-7.

Moving onto the level doubles and the boys’ pairings dispatched their opponents without dropping a game: Harry and Rowan winning 21-17 21-12 then 21-2 21-9 in the reverse. Sameer and Joe recorded wins of 21-8 21-4 then 21-18 21-11. The Worcs girls put up more of a fight in the doubles with both Leics pairs being taken to a 3rd game by the Worcs 1st pair who gave it their all but couldn’t break through our girls’ doubles expertise.

Well done to all the players – a great start to this year’s competition!

Jess R, Harry, Sophie, Joe, Jess A, Sameer, Izzy and Rowan

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