U14’s Take Gold in York Team Event!


Under 14’s Team Event – York

Team – Sameer Chenia, Harry Clare, Joe Goodenough, Rowan Clark, Tom Paterson-Watts, Luke Hoult, Jess Rodgers, Izzy Pike, Jess Allen, Tamsin Betts, Sophie Watson, Tilly Dale


Start of the event and all the managers were called to the desk, two of the teams had been seeded – Lothian and Surrey, we then had to pick at random to decide which teams were in each box.

Our first box had Lothian, Lancashire and Notts, first game up Lothian.

The team was carefully selected, the first two opening games were won, can we get two more to win the match, another 3 games won first match in the bag. Leicestershire 5, Lothian 2

Next up Lancashire, we have a small team reshuffle and we’re ready to go, after some tough games its two games each, we need to take at least two more to win the match. The players step up to the mark and we win all the remaining games. Leicestershire 5, Lancashire 2

Last game in the box our local rivals Notts. A few more team changes and we’re off. Notts win both the singles, can we pull it back. The whole team play their socks of in the remaining games, it pays off and we win the next 5 games.

Leicestershire 5, Notts 2

Winners and runners up of the box meet each other in the next round.

New boxes are announced. Leicestershire, Warwickshire, Surrey and Lothian.

As we met Lothian in the first round we only need to play Warwickshire and Surrey.

First games announced and we are up against Warwickshire our local nemesis.

Time to get our heads together and select the team.

Singles first, two really tough games, Warwickshire take them both. Two doubles games play, one boys, one girls and we’re drawing at 2 each. The team have got their work cut out if we are to take this match from Warwickshire. The next girls doubles finishes and another one for us. The boys play the final doubles and we need this one to secure the match as Warwick have put their best players in the mixed. Fantastic play by the boys and another win to Leicester, the match won. Can we take the mixed to keep consistent with our other matches of a 5-2 score. The players step up and its edge of your seat stuff. It’s all down to the final point as the games at 20-20. Boom our players win the point and the crowd erupts. Leicestershire 5, Warwickshire 2

Next game Surrey, both Leicestershire and Surrey going into the match having won all of their matches today.

Time to get our heads together for the final team selection.

After a small reshuffle we’re ready to play.

Singles played and we’re one all. Boy’s doubles played and we’re two all. Next up the girls doubles, the girls play with all they have and it pays off, both games won and we’ve won the match. Can we win the last game to keep our consistent score of 5-2. The mixed pair play brilliantly together and take the last game. The teams hard work and determination pays off. Leicestershire 5, Surrey 2

We’ve only gone and won the gold, the players and the parents go wild!!!!!

A fantastic day for all the players who truly deserved their medals.

I would just like to thank Ant and Ian for their help with the team selection.

A special mention to Tilly Dale for the amazing team spirit she displayed all day.

Report by Alaina Goodenough

(A very proud U14’s manager)

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