Leicestershire v Warwickshire U12

U12 Friendly Match – 10th April 2016

A team of 8 U12 Leicestershire players headed over the border, on what was a bright, sunny, Sunday morning for a friendly match against Warwickshire.

We started with the mixed doubles and split the results 2 games each. Next, we played the singles and this also resulted in 2 wins and 2 losses in both the boys and the girls singles.  It was all square going into the level doubles. As the results came in, it was starting to get tense… could we sneak a win, or would it end in a draw?

With the end result being a draw – 10 games all – this was the ultimate in friendly matches.

We finished the match with some extra play …. team singles, which was also declared a draw!

At home – just for fun! – we counted up all the match points; it was a winning draw on points for team Leicestershire, 358-341 points.



Grace Sherwin, Tilly Dale, Evie Pike, Emily Gallacher,

Louis Stevenson, Mitesh Chauhan, Ayush Panchal, Lewis Whyley

Match report by Jenny Gallacher

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