Another win for the U15s!



Leicestershire U15’s played Lincolnshire U15’s on Sunday, a day that is sometimes referred to as MOTHERS Day!! The matches started at 10.10am but Leicestershire players only seemed to wake up at 10.20am!! Many of the players had played in competitions on Saturday 5th with some very late nights for the players. Unfortunately Lincolnshire were a girl shorts which meant byes in some matches.

Match Report


Ella, Hritika, Jasmin, Eve, Tom C, Tom L, Marcus, Daniel

Mixed Doubles

Leicestershire are always strong in the Mixed Doubles and looked to get a good start and once they woke up they took control in 3 out of 4 matches. Eve and Marcus were first to win their match, with some excellent communication from both and strong net play from Eve winning 21 – 19 21 – 16. Ella and Tom L again worked well together, winning the first game 21 – 11, Lincs pair fought harder in the second but Leics were consistent with moving their opponents around the court winning 22 – 20 in the second. Jas and Tom C played the toughest opponents and lost the first game 9 – 21, they controlled the second game with both players covering every inch of the court, winning 21 – 17, the third game was a long game with the score close until near the end, Leics losing 15 – 21. Hritika and Dan only played one game as the game was forfeited by Lincs.

Mixed Doubles Score 3 – 1

Boys Singles

Marcus was first with a point against a strong opponent, he got off to a quick start and maintained his lead by playing himself into each rally and moving his opponent around, winning 21 – 16 21 – 18. Tom L was next with a point playing a very long first game, winning 26 – 24, second game Tom used his power smash and was too strong for his opponent winning 21 – 16. Daniel had a difficult match against a left hander, Daniels clears were inch perfect, but his opponent had a quality cross court drop, Daniel battled in both games but lost 19 – 21 16 – 21. Tom C played Lincs number 1 Ryan Curtis and the first game was nip and tuck with long rallies, Lincs won first game 23 – 21, Tom got stronger and stronger in games 2 and 3 with some excellent placement of his shots, Ryan tired and Tom won 21 – 12 21 – 21.

Girls Singles

Eve was first to finish playing a young player with little experience, Eve still had to do a job to not let her guard down, she was professional and won easily 21 – 5 21 – 2. Ella had a match with an opponent who pushed her all the way, Ella won the first 21 – 18, her opponent came back winning the second to 15, Ella regrouped after a word from Noel and proved too strong winning the third game 21 – 16. Hritika aka Miss Drop Shot controlled her match throughout with some amazing cross court drop shots, winning 21 – 10 21 -18. Another forfeited game meant a clean sweep for the girls.

Singles Score 7 – 1

Match Score 10 – 2

With a guaranteed draw already secured Leics could relax slightly but still wanted to finish strongly. The temperature was very cold and that was just for the spectators, a suggestion of star jumps was heard on the balcony!!!

Boys Doubles

First match saw right handed Dan and left handed Tom L play another right / left handed duo, they got off to a good start with good movement winning the first game 21 – 16, the Lincs pair grew stronger in the second winning to 17 and kept the momentum in the third winning to 11. Tom C and Marcus were up against Lincs top pair and were in for a long hard match, they lost the first game to 19, after a chat from the manager both boys fought hard, working well together Tom played some quality net cross court drops, (Mitch says “that is the only shot he can’t play”) the second was another close game with Leics winning 21 – 19, Tom & Marcus pushed on winning early points in the third, but Lincs brought it back, Leics were too good in the end winning to 16.

In the reverse matches Dan & Tom L had another long match, they both used their power well and were too strong for a tiring Lincs pair winning 21 – 19 21 – 18. Tom C & Marcus gave the crowd value for money with a match that started second but actually finished last after the girls, again Tom & Marcus did it the hard way losing the first to 19, the second and third games went point for point with Leicswinning 21 – 19 and then needing to go to setting in the third winning 23 – 21.

Girls Doubles

Ella & Jas were first up for the girls and didn’t get started, losing the first to 9, Ella & Jas got into gear in the second winning comfortably to 10, in the third both pairs played their best game, with Leics pair staying strong (must be all that fitness work at training) winning 24 – 22. With Lincs forfeiting more games Eve & Hritika played the second match, you could see throughout that they play together regularly, both covering each other well, they made it look easy winning 21 – 13 21 – 10.

Doubles Score 7 – 1

Overall Match Result 17 – 3


Match reporter Chris Kilby

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