20-0 win for the U15’s!

Match Report by Stuart Youngs

Sunday 21st February 2016 at Babington College

Leicestershire V Warwickshire II

Team:​Ella, Jasmin, Tamsin, Jess A, Martin, Tom C, Tom L, Daniel

Half term might have been almost over but the desire for Winter Sunshine saw a change in the normal girls’ line up.Tamsin and Jess were drafted into the U15 team, a complete age group higher than their normal fixtures.

The match started with a degree of uncertainty when Warwickshire confirmed their No 1 girl was double booked and would not be able to attend. Whilst frantically phoning around for a replacement it was decided to start the mixed matches, leaving the No 1 pairing open awaiting a substitute

The mixed matches featuring Jasmin & Tom C, Jess & Tom L, and Tamsin & Daniel were all straight sets victories, demonstrating the teams’ strong mixed ability. Displays of power and touch opened up opportunities to finish the points. All pairs played with a great understanding which was admirable considering 2 out of the three pairs were newly formed.

It was at this point we were advised that the attempts to find a 4th Warwickshire girl had been unsuccessful and Ella & Martin’s match was awarded as a walk over.

Leicestershire 4 -0 Warwickshire II

On with a complete round of boys’ singles:-

Martin demonstrated tight net play, and forced his opponent to cover so much ground that errors were made and opportunities taken

Tom C combined good movement around the court with strength and touch to out manoeuvre his opponent

Tom L demonstrated variety of shots and was well rewarded by his cross court smash showing what a good singles player he is

Daniel pushed his opponent deep on the forehand and backhand side to gain court advantage before despatching a winner

All matches won​Leicestershire 8 -0 Warwickshire II

And now it was the girls turn. With one girl short Warwickshire elected to play each girl up one level and Tamsin missed out on a singles match with a walk over.

Ella showed great court awareness and movement to push her opponent deeper and controlled the rallies

Jasmin exploited opportunities and weakness with accurate play to all four corners of the court

Jess showed great court coverage, never say die attitude and ability to stay in each rally and then to carve out winning shots

Another full house​Leicestershire 12-0 Warwickshire II

In the girls games there were two walk over matches (one for each pair). However, friendly matches were played with a very entertaining match won by Jess & Tamsin against their No 1 boy and their 3rd girl

Now back to the doubles pairings:​Ella/Jasmin


​​​​​Martin/Tom C

​​​​​Tom L/Daniel

Ella/Jasmin showed power and skill with large amounts to attacking flair. A dominant performance that left both opponent pairs struggling to know where to hit the shuttle next.

Jess/Tamsin demonstrated excellent teamwork, positional play and vision to return the shuttle into areas of weakness. When necessary they soaked up the pressure and never gave up on a point throughout the day

Martin/Tom C showed the great teamwork you would expect from this seasoned pairing. Good court awareness kept up the attacking pressure on both of the opposition’s pairs until they were forced into submission

Tom L/Daniel are playing better and better as this partnership develops. Good attacking play opened up many opportunities as they powered their way through the matches.

All matches were won and the match completed ​

Leicestershire 20-0 Warwickshire II

There we have it: A whitewash of Warwickshire II.

Well done for another great team performance.

A special mention for Jess and Tamsin who demonstrated huge ability and court craft in match winning performances of confidence, skill and great talent. Well done girls

And finally: – For the birthday girl Ella, a song and a cake. We hope she enjoyed her birthday and had a great day.

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