Nottingham under 13yrs Bronze

It was a fantastic showing of commitment from the Leicestershire players as 11 players entered the Bronze tournament in Nottinghamshire this weekend.

Its worth remembering that 9 of these players are under 12yrs old so will be eligible for this event again next season, although I guess their sights will be set higher and will be entering the Gold tournaments !

The results .

  • Sophie Watson – Bronze medals in the girls Singles and Girls doubles.
  • Eve Durance – Bronze medal in the girls doubles.
  • Emma Thornley – Silver Medal in the Girls doubles.
  • Tilly Dale – Bronze medal in the Mixed doubles.
  • Evie Pike – Bronze medal in the singles plate event.
  • Grace Sherwin – Bronze medal in the Singles plate event.
  • Luke Hoult – Gold Medals in the singles and Boys doubles.
  • Danny Beynon – Bronze Medals in the Mixed doubles and Boys doubles.
  • Tom Paterson Watts – Bronze Medal in the boys doubles.

Congratulations to all the players.

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