Two teams headed up north for the first leg of the U16 North Midway Tournament!!

U16 North Midway League – 1st leg
11th October 2015
Leicestershire 1
Ella, Hritika, Eve, Issy, Martin, Tom C, Nikhil, Sameer
First match was against Yorkshire 2, comfortable win of 9-1 with the only loss being 20-21.
Next match was against Warwickshire, tougher opposition and some close games, with two games lost to 20 and one to 19. Final score was a win to Warwickshire 7-3.
Next up was Northumberland, another comfortable win of 9-1, the only loss being 19-21.
After a break Cheshire was the next opposition, there were one or two close games in this match, but Leicestershire came out on top again winning 9-1.
Three out of four wins meant that Leicestershire1 came 2nd in Group A. One more match to go against Nottinghamshire who also came in 2nd position in Group B.
This turned out to be an evenly hard fought match between our two neighbouring counties. Leicestershire started out by bagging the first two wins in the mixed, Nottinghamshire came back strong winning all four singles, the boys doubles were drawn one each. The score was 5 – 3 to Nottinghamshire going into the girls doubles…our only chance of a win was to win both games and win on points…cheered on by their team mates both girls pairs won! Unfortunately though the match was lost to Nottinghamshire by 4 points!
Final position for Leicestershire 1, after the 1stleg was 4th…………everything to play for in the 2nd leg!

Leicestershire 2
Jasmin, Aradhana, Jolie, Mia, Tom L, Marcus, Daniel, Ben
First match was against Yorkshire’s first team! There were some close games, with 2 good wins for Leicestershire in the girls singles and girls doubles. Win for Yorkshire 1, 8-2.
Next match was against Staffordshire and Leicestershire had a great start winning both of their mixed doubles games! Next came the singles, 2 wins out of the 4 games, followed by 3 out of the 4 level doubles! Win for Leicestershire, 7-3.
Local derby against our neighbours Nottinghamshire was next up. Good start in the mixed doubles winning 1 out of the 2 games…..however, that was to be the only win against what turned out to be a strong team. Win for Nottinghamshire, 9-1.
Last group match for our 2nd team was another local derby against Derbyshire. Two great wins to start with in the mixed, plus one more in the boys singles. After the boys doubles the score was 4-4…everything to play for with the girls doubles to go…..these turned out to be 2 close matches with a win to each side, leaving the managers the job of quickly adding up the points to see who had won! Another win for Leicestershire 187 points -181 points…only 6 points between them!
Leicestershire 2 came 3rd in their group putting them in a final match of the day against Cheshire.
The play-off match didn’t get off to the best start with 2 losses in the mixed although one was closely fought losing to 19. Next up was the singles, but Cheshire proved to be too strong for our 2nd team with no wins here for Leicestershire. The boys doubles pairings battled hard and secured 2 exciting close wins against the strong Cheshire boys!! The play-off match was a win for Cheshire 8-2
Final position for Leicestershire 2, after the 1stleg was 6th…………well played to all the team!

Apologies for the delay in publishing the report….a ‘delegation hitch’ which will hopefully be corrected for the 2nd leg on 14th February!!

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