Under 11/12yrs Friendly Match

The Team 6 x 6

Grace Sherwin, Evie Pike, Jiya Sheth, Carly Stevenson , Abby Sanders and Georgina Brembridge.

Lewis Whyley, Tom Platzer, Mitesh Chauhan, Lucas Hoffmann, Freddie Clare and William Sewell

On Sunday December 13th Leicestershire 11/12yrs played a friendly match against Derbyshire, and it turned out to be a very rewarding day .

Mixed Doubles we won 11 out of 12 games. A clean sweep in the boys singles a 6-0 win for us plus a 12-0 win in the Boys and Girls doubles.

The Girls singles we won 4 out of 6 , so the overall score was Leicestershire 28 – Derbyshire 3.

Three of Derbyshire girls dropped out at the last minuet, so 3 Leicestershire girls helped out , a big thank you to Ella Coyne , Molly Copping and Olivia Meddes.

Thanks to all the players and to the parents for their support.

Carole Spencer

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