Primary Midway 2015

On Sunday 6th December 2015 the Primary Midway team: Mitesh, Thomas, Freddie, Lucas, William, Emily, Jiya, Georgina, Carly, Abbi : travelled to Sheffield to compete in the first leg of the competition.

The first round saw the team face Warwickshire 3, and we had a convincing 10-0 win. The next opposition, Cheshire 1, was going to be much tougher, and after a great team effort we picked up 3 games, and lost 7-3. This saw us finish 2nd in our box and we then faced Warwickshire 2, again we had a convincing 9 – 1 win. The last match of the leg was against Derbyshire who we knew we would have a close game against. This did not disappoint. Going into the final game of the match, Leicestershire knew we had to win the game to draw the match, and then it would be down to points …… Well we did it, Emily and Mitesh won the game 21-9 …. was it going to be enough? Then we had the nail-biting job of counting the points …………. not only had we drawn the match on games, we had also drawn on points …. 5 games all / 159 points each! This meant we had to go back to the points both Leicestershire and Derbyshire had scored against Warwickshire 2 and Leicestershire had one more point then Derbyshire, giving us the 4th place.


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