U15 win v Cambridgeshire

Report written by Hritika and Tom C.
On 6th December 2015 the U15 Leicestershire squad rolled out to play their first match against Cambridgeshire. It was a normal day until Sameer arrived early (!), Tom C found a rusty, old dilapidated bike, the brakes didn’t work and it promptly almost killed him….leaving the bike abandoned as it was found, the players promptly marched into the sports hall to hopefully beat Cambridgeshire! The team had a strong start winning all of the mixed matches comfortably.
Next came the boys singles, started with three wins in two straight games, Martin playing the number 1 boy, won in three.
In the girls singles Ella battled hard, however, it was not enough to restrain the immense skill of her F graded opponent. The rest of the girls singles were won without hassle.
Both boys doubles were victorious against their counterparts, only Tom L and Daniel failed to come out on top against the Cambridgeshire first pair.
Moving onto the girls doubles, all matches were won comfortably, apart from Ella and Jasmin who had to work hard to secure their victory in three against the Cambridgeshire first pair.
After a long day of blood, sweat and tears, minus the blood, Leicestershire came out on top with a strong start to the season! Leicestershire 18 Cambridgeshire 2

Team – Jasmin, Hritika, Daniel, Martin, Sameer, Tom C, Tom L, Ella and Eve

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