Latest CBN Tournament

Primary Schools Badminton Tournament

Leicester Leys Leisure Centre, Thursday 21 May 2015

Newcomers triumphant

Leicester City Community Badminton Network staged its fifth primary school badminton tournament of the season at Leicester Leys Leisure Centre.

For Avenue Primary this was their first entry into a junior badminton competition, but the school team performed admirably against some very competitive Catherine Juniors pairs.

The semi finals produced two very close matches. Lily Dawson and Ned Davis for Avenue were neck and neck with Catherine’s Krish Patel and Ritika Patel and were tied at 9-9. In a tense final rally the latter placed their final shot marginally outside of the court to give victory to the Avenue pair. In the second semi final Catherine’s Nenad Piperski and Kalias Jones were well behind Avenue’s Saleh Khalel and Sukhpreet Sahi, but fought back well, snatching the tie 10-9.

In the final, the pairs were tied at 8-8 until Dawson and Davis produced some very accurate serving and forced errors from the Catherine pair, running out winners 11-8.

Both schools now move on the Top Primary Schools Tournament to be held at Aylestone Leisure Centre on Friday 26 June 2015, 4 – 6.15pm.

Greg Howes

Leicester City Badminton Coaching & Development Officer

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