U13’s Match Report Leics V Warks 2


Sunday 1st March Leic v Warwicks 2 at home

Players: Jess Rodgers, Jess Allen, Sophie Irvine, Tamsin Betts

Harry Claire, Ollie Brown, Rowan Clark, Joe Goodenough

First up was mixed doubles; Harry and Jess A won their first game 21/18 and their second 21/12. Ollie and Jess won their first game 21/14, the next one was lost 22/24 but they came back in the third game to win 21/12. Rowan and Sophie won 21/11 and 21/15, as did Tamsin and Joe 21/7 and 21/9.

Next up was the boy’s singles. Harry won his games 21/12 and 21/15, Ollie also won his games 21/17 and 21/17. Rowan and Joe both had to play 3 games but made comebacks in the third. Rowan’s result was 21/19, 17/21 and 21/19 and Joe’s – 21/5, then losing 16/21 and making a comeback of 21/2.

Up next was the girl’s singles. Jess Rodgers lost 9/21, 5/21, Sophie also lost 13/21 and 19/21. Jess Allen won 21/10, 21/7 and Tamsin won hers 21/14, 21/11.

Boy’s doubles were next and Harry and Ollie were first, they won 21/18, 21/11. Rowan and Joe lost their game 13/21, 9/21. Harry and Ollie won their second match 21/15, 21/15 as well as Rowan and Jo winning theirs 21/10 and 21/11.

Finally it was the girl’s doubles, Sophie and Tamsin won the first match 21/13 and 21/9 but lost the second despite making a comeback in the second game – 15/21, 21/19, 11/21.

Jess R and Jess A lost their first doubles 14/21, 21/15 and 15/21 and won their last match 21/14 and 21/6.

Overall Leicestershire were the winners beating Warwickshire 15/5.


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