U13 Shires League – Leicestershire vs Norfolk

U13 Shires League Inter-County Match Report

Leicestershire vs Norfolk

7th December 2014

This was going to be another tough match after our recent loss to Bucks.

Norfolk had recently played Bucks and had managed to take 8 games from them opposed to our 5.

Mixed doubles was first as always.

Sameer and Jess Rodgers were up against tough opposition. After a loss in the first game, Sameer and Jess needed to work hard to pull it back, they worked brilliantly together and managed to pull the next game out of the bag, deciding game to be played. After a game fought with much spirit the game was very close, they lost out to a score of 20-22.

Harry and Sophie worked well together and after a first tough game with a score of 22-20, they needed to keep up the hard work for the next game, they took another win with the score of 21-18.

Rowan and Jess Allen won their first game with a score of 21-8, Norfolk step the pace up in the second game and manage to take the game. The deciding game could go either way. Rowan and Jess know what they needed to do to with the next game and take the match. They step up to the mark and win the next game, another win under our belts.

Ollie and Tamzin take on the final Norfolk pair and manage to take two convincing wins, another one for Leicestershire

Mixed Leicester 3, Norfolk 1

Now for the Boys Singles, we were expecting some tough games and the boys knew they needed to play to their very best. Sameer, Harry, Rowan and Joe were ready to take on the Norfolk boys. The boys all won their first games. Could they repeat it again in their next games? Yes was the answer to that and Leicester’s boys took all 4 matches.

Boys singles Leicester 4, Norfolk 0

Girls Singles, this was always going to be another tough challenge for our girls. Jess R fought hard for every point in the first game, the final score being 16-21, again in the next game Jess but her all into it but Norfolk managed to take the game. Sophie played her best but another win for Norfolk.

Two matches to Norfolk, could we manage to pull it back.

Jess A had a very tough first game and Norfolk took this one, game two and Jess fought hard for every point in this game, her hard work and determination played off as Jess took the second game. Now for the decider, either team could take this game. Jess was riding high from her win in the previous game, she clearly had the opposition rattled and used this to her advantage, another win for Jess.

Could Tamzin win the next match and make it a draw for the girls.

Tamzin stepped up to play some great badminton, Tamzin took a comfortable lead early on in both games and kept hold of the lead to win both games.

Girls Singles Leicester 2, Norfolk 2

Boys Doubles – Can the boys take the advantage from winning the singles into the doubles?

Sameer and Joe are first up, some great play from both teams but Leicester take the lead early on in the first game and hold onto it throughout, one game in the bag. The Norfolk pair step up a gear in the next game but again Sameer and Joe take an early lead and another game and match to the Leicester boys. Next up is Harry and Ollie, again both teams are showing the fighting spirit, Harry and Ollie also take an early lead and use this to their advantage for another win. Game two plays out like the first game and another game and match to our boys.

Now for the crossover, Sameer and Joe cruise and take two comfortable wins from both games 21-5 to our boys, another match won.

Harry and Ollie prepare to take on Norfolk’s number one pair. First game and the Norfolk boys have a determination to take a game from us. Harry and Ollie play to their best and manage to win the tightly contested game. Can they do the same in their next game? The second match played out much like the first with Norfolk trying to take the game from us. Harry and Ollie gave it their all and again come out on top. Another match to Leicester.

Another 4 out of 4 for the boys.

Boys Doubles Leicester 4, Norfolk 0

Girl’s doubles – Time for the girls to show Norfolk what they are made off.

First up against Norfolk’s number one pair Jess R and Jess A. Some brilliant badminton from both teams, our girls put up a good fight but Norfolk manage to pip them to the post in both games, first match to Norfolk.

Sophie and Tamzin take on the second Norfolk pair, both teams were playing with a determination to win the game, Leicester’s girls came out on top to take the game. The second game played out easier and our girls cruised to a 21-6 win.

Cross over time…

Time for Jess R and Jess A to play Norfolk’s second pair. They take the first game with a score of 21-12. Can they take the second game to win the match? The Norfolk girl’s game out fighting and both teams fought hard for every point. The girls managed to pip them to the post with a close score of 25-23.

Sophie and Tamzins turn to play Norfolk’s first pair. Both teams worked hard to try and claim the victory but Norfolk managed to come out on top in both games to take the match.

Girls Doubles Leicester 2, Norfolk 2

The whole team played some great badminton and took us to a great victory.

Overall score Leicester 15, Norfolk 5

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