Under 13’s Leicestershire V Buckinghamshire

U13 Shires League Inter-County Match Report

Leicestershire vs Buckinghamshire

16th November 2014

This was never going to be an easy match. In 2013, Leicester U13 squad lost 20-0 to Bucks, in 2014 they closed the gap to 15-5. Can the 2015 U13 Leicester team, who have been training like dervishes over the past months, under a new training regime prevail against a team full of players many of whom play at the U13 England Gold tournaments?

Confidence was high, coming off the back of a great Nottingham win previously. The hall was cold and hoodies were a prerequisite.

Mixed doubles was of course first and there were some spirited fights underway from the start, this was not going to be the push over Bucks were expecting. Whilst we lost all the opening mixed matches, the highlight was Harry and Jess Rodgers games, they fought tenaciously and nearly turned the tide against Ryhdram and Lisa from Bucks, but we saw a close defeat of 19-21 and 17-21 from their games.

Leicester 0, Bucks 4…

Up next Boys Singles, hopes were high. Sameer, Harry, Rowan and Ollie went in on the attack. Harry, Rowan and Ollie all won their 1st round games – looking good, can they hold onto the Win? Bucks looked worried but fought back, taking all the 2nd round games across the board and forcing the 3rd game to be played. Despite some utterly heroic efforts Harry and Rowan lost their 3rd games. Ollie fought on, he would not let it go, every shot mattered and he won through taking the 3rd game 21-19, finally Leicester have a win, Well Done Ollie!

Leicester 1, Bucks 7…

Girls Singles, this was always going to be challenge for our girls facing off against some of the best U13 out there. Sophie, Tamzin, Jess and Jess fought hard including some inspired play from Jess Rodgers taking 20+ points from the 2nd ranked bucks player. But Bucks took all 4 games.

Leicester 1, Bucks 11…

Boys Doubles – can the guys take their learning’s from the singles matches and capitalise on discovered weaknesses of the Bucks lads. Sameer and Joe are first up and we have a thrilling 3 set match, resulting in them taking the Win! Next up is Harry and Ollie (having recovered from his marathon singles Win), they also take an awesome 3 set match win!! Then its Sameer and Joe who take apart their opposition in a 2 set match cruising 21-7 and 21-6 with another Win!!! Then Harry and Ollie breeze past their opponents with a 21-9 and 21-9 Win!!!! 4 for 4 what a great double results for the boys!

Leicester 5, Bucks 11…

Can the girls do the same as the boys? Despite some amazing play from all 4 Leicester girls including a spirited attack from Jess and Jess taking the Bucks lead ranked girls to 16-21 and 18-21, the Bucks team took all 4 matches.

Overall Leicester 5, Bucks 15…

A loss, but a great fight and a massive improvement on last years score. The team can be rightly proud.

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