Under 13’s Leicestershire V Buckinghamshire

U13 Shires League Inter-County Match Report

Leicestershire vs Buckinghamshire

16th November 2014

This was never going to be an easy match. In 2013, Leicester U13 squad lost 20-0 to Bucks, in 2014 they closed the gap to 15-5. Can the 2015 U13 Leicester team, who have been training like dervishes over the past months, under a new training regime prevail against a team full of players many of whom play at the U13 England Gold tournaments?

Confidence was high, coming off the back of a great Nottingham win previously. The hall was cold and hoodies were a prerequisite.

Mixed doubles was of course first and there were some spirited fights underway from the start, this was not going to be the push over Bucks were expecting. Whilst we lost all the opening mixed matches, the highlight was Harry and Jess Rodgers games, they fought tenaciously and nearly turned the tide against Ryhdram and Lisa from Bucks, but we saw a close defeat of 19-21 and 17-21 from their games.

Leicester 0, Bucks 4…

Up next Boys Singles, hopes were high. Sameer, Harry, Rowan and Ollie went in on the attack. Harry, Rowan and Ollie all won their 1st round games – looking good, can they hold onto the Win? Bucks looked worried but fought back, taking all the 2nd round games across the board and forcing the 3rd game to be played. Despite some utterly heroic efforts Harry and Rowan lost their 3rd games. Ollie fought on, he would not let it go, every shot mattered and he won through taking the 3rd game 21-19, finally Leicester have a win, Well Done Ollie!

Leicester 1, Bucks 7…

Girls Singles, this was always going to be challenge for our girls facing off against some of the best U13 out there. Sophie, Tamzin, Jess and Jess fought hard including some inspired play from Jess Rodgers taking 20+ points from the 2nd ranked bucks player. But Bucks took all 4 games.

Leicester 1, Bucks 11…

Boys Doubles – can the guys take their learning’s from the singles matches and capitalise on discovered weaknesses of the Bucks lads. Sameer and Joe are first up and we have a thrilling 3 set match, resulting in them taking the Win! Next up is Harry and Ollie (having recovered from his marathon singles Win), they also take an awesome 3 set match win!! Then its Sameer and Joe who take apart their opposition in a 2 set match cruising 21-7 and 21-6 with another Win!!! Then Harry and Ollie breeze past their opponents with a 21-9 and 21-9 Win!!!! 4 for 4 what a great double results for the boys!

Leicester 5, Bucks 11…

Can the girls do the same as the boys? Despite some amazing play from all 4 Leicester girls including a spirited attack from Jess and Jess taking the Bucks lead ranked girls to 16-21 and 18-21, the Bucks team took all 4 matches.

Overall Leicester 5, Bucks 15…

A loss, but a great fight and a massive improvement on last years score. The team can be rightly proud.

Under 13s Start Season with Victory in Local Derby

Nottinghamshire U13s vs Leicestershire U13s

The morning of the first shires match for the current crop of Leicestershire Under 13s had finally arrived. Good things were expected after all of the hard work that had been put in at training over the past 2 months. Only time would tell if those expectations were to be realised against local rivals Notts.

It didn’t take long for the first point to be put on the board with Sameer and Sophie taking a comfortable win. Harry and Jess Rodgers were made to work much harder for their victory with the first 2 games being shared having each gone to setting, but the Leicestershire pair coming through in the 3rd game. Another great victory in the third match, with Joe and Tamsin putting the disappointment of losing the first game behind them, to come back and win the next two fairly comfortably. A fairly comfortable victory for Ollie and Jess Allen rounded of a perfect start to the day.


Up next were the boy’s singles. At first it appeared that Leicestershire were going to run away with this round of games too, with all four of the first games being won to 17. Unfortunately only Sameer and Ollie were able to take advantage of the good start and take the win with the Notts boys showing some fight to reverse the other games.

In contrast to the mixed games, the girls singles were over in the blink of an eye. Jess A and Tamsin picking up convincing wins to make sure that the singles were tied.


Just as in the mixed, the level doubles produced some great, closely fought games. Harry and Rowan obviously wanted to get as much court time as possible and demonstrate their fitness, with them winning both of their matches 2-1 with two of their final three games being settled. Sameer and Joe picked up both of their matches too, carrying on the great partnership from the previous season.

A strong Notts girls pair spoiled our attempt to be 100% wins in doubles but only after our girls took them to setting for their win. The girls did it up though, with Sophie and Tamsin then Jess and Jess picking up victories against their second pair.


So just like last year Leicestershire start off their Shires League campaign with a satisfying victory against their local rivals. Bring on Bucks next week!


Ex – Chairman of the LSBA Clive Ellames

It is with great sadness that we announce the sudden death of Clive Ellames.

Clive used to be Chairman of the LSBA and coached in the county for many years, mainly Hinckley way, also he played in the Nuneaton league and had worked at Badminton England.

The family are thinking about a few words to reflect Clives’ life in work/badminton/sport. Therefore if you you knew him or of him and have any words or messages please can you send them on to :-Karen.mason@hinckley-bosworth.gov.uk
The family would really value this.

Details of his funeral arrangements have been passed to us by his family and are available below:

Tuesday 25th November at 1pm

All Saints Church, Sapcote.
Followed by internment at Sapcote Ceremony at 1.45pm
The family are considering refreshments afterwards but details of this are yet to be confirmed.
Strictly Family Flowers only.
Any donations should be for the chosen charities; British Heart Foundation and Cancer Research UK
These, along with any cards can be sent to:
McCartneys Funeral Service
47 Coventry Road
LE10 0JR
(01455) 637138

Leicestershire U15 win against Norfolk

MATCH REPORT U15 Shires Tournament -Leics ‘v’ Norfolk2Sunday 2nd November 2014.

The kettle is on, snacks and cakes on the table and our 10 county players are warming up ready for their first U15 Shires match of the season against Norfolk2 team – bring it on!

11.09am and the Mixed pairs games begin … only 5 minutes in and Ella and Martin are victorious in their 1st game and after another 5 minutes see their 2nd and final game in the bag. Closely followed by Eve and Ryan, Jasmin and Tom and Hritika and Nikhil who only conceded 12 points in both their games.

Next came the Singles, with some great smashes from Ella, Martin moving his opponent around the court conceding only 11 points in two games, Tom C’s great net shots, Issy’s drop shots and cross court net shots and all four players managing to beat their opponents to two games. Nikhil, TomL, Jasmin and Hritika were next on the courts and followed suit with four winning matches to two games, noticeably some great point winning shots from Hritika with her overhead cross court, TomL showing us his strong clears right to the back of the court, Jasmin’s defence and drop shots and Nikhil’s shuttle placement right in the back corners. SINGLES RESULT 8 – 0

Team Fitness was shown to have definitely improved especially when our Norfolk opponents requested a 5min break between the Singles and Doubles games; all our players were ready to go again after a quick drink.

Doubles teams next with the boys TomL and Ryan showing great team partnership with good combinations, solid defence and control at the net, two games down and both wins to 4 and 12. TomC and Martin following suit with great team play and victory over their Norfolk opponents winning to 9 and 7 points. The girls doubles teams also worked well together with Eve and Issy’s shot positioning only conceding 13 points over their two games and Ella and Jasmin’s court coverage and team play with strong attacks at the net, both girls teams won their games. DOUBLES RESULT 4 – 0

Cross-over matches next, with the boys teams sticking to their winning streak and finishing their matches in two games. Ella and Jasmin also came out on top with only 7 points conceded over their two games. Eve and Issy’s first game was a quick finish to 21-6. Their 2nd game was a nail-biting 22-24 score with our girls just losing out to the top Norfolk pair. All eyes were now on court 2 watching the final game decider …. you could hear a pin drop at each serve. Our girls kept their cool, showed excellent defence and produced some great badminton especially cross court drops and jumping in for those all important net kills. Our girls triumphed to rounds of applause with a final 21-10 win. CROSS-OVERS RESULT 4 – 0

End Result : Leicestershire : 20 Norfolk2 : Nil

What a great start to the Shires season, WELL DONE and congratulations to all the players, it was a pleasure to watch and see how every player has improved since the start of the new season. Here’s to our next Shires gathering against Yorks2 at The York Railway Institute on 23rd November.