Toilet Access

As you all know by now Babington College is being knocked down ( don’t panic not the sports halls )

There are bound to be some disruptions with such a big job.

There is no access to the balcony which will make it more difficult especially at the Matches and Tournaments , but we will be using a small space in the sports hall for bags etc.

Our concern at the moment is with the players having to vacate the building to use the toilets which are located in a portable cabin just outside the side door. As the nights draw in it is more concerning so we are going to suggest that if a player needs to use the toilet that they do not go alone , it will be difficult for the coach to be expected to supervise a loo run and coach therefore our suggestion is that  the  players asks the coach if they need to leave the building and to always  go in at least pairs or under a  parents supervision.

Coaches –  Can you please let your players know this .

This email will be sent to all players parents.

PLEASE – Always check that a coach is on the premises before leaving your child ( do not just drop them off )

Kind Regards


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